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Basement Flood Cleanup & Restoration

A flooded basement can give even the most cool-headed homeowner a headache. When this happens to you, call on the flooded basement experts at Five Star Complete Restoration. We have decades of experience performing basement flood cleanup and repair for homes throughout Indianapolis. Request an estimate today by calling (888) 322-1291.

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Why Does My Basement Flood?

Did you know that basement flooding is fairly common? Yes, it is, and there are a variety of reasons why your basement may flood at any time. Heavy storms, poor drainage, a faulty sump pump, or an appliance failure can all cause a widespread basement flooding emergency. While this issue can be a major concern and become very costly, it can always be fixed.

Water has a tendency to run from higher ground to lower ground. With basements being below ground, this means they are very flood-prone under the right circumstances.

Another common issue that often leads to basement flood restoration is heavy rain. A lot of rain in a short period of time can overwhelm basement waterproofing. A properly waterproofed basement will have a weeping tile, which is a tar sealant applied to both the inside and outside of the foundation walls. This helps direct water from around the home into the local sewer system. However, If the ground around your basement becomes overly saturated, the water will overload the waterproofing and seep in through the cracks.

The slope or grade of the property around your house is also a contributing factor for many people. Ideally, the land should slope away from the house to direct the water towards the sewer system. If you walk around your house while it is raining you can see if you have an issue. When you see water pooling up around the house, it indicates that during heavy storms your basement could flood.

Another common cause of basement flooding can be a sewer backup. Most homes have a sewer tie-in that is lower than the floor of your basement which allows dirty water from sinks, toilets, and tubs to flow into the sewer line. If this line becomes clogged or damaged, it can cause the water line to rise which in turn will cause water to come rushing back into the basement.

A flooded basement can also be due to an appliance failure which can result in many gallons of water spilling out and flooding the basement. Appliances should be checked often and replaced or repaired as needed. Pipes can also age from wear and tear and eventually burst.

Homes located in areas with swamp or marshland often have sump pumps built into them. They are set into holes that are drilled into the basement floor & then they pump out any excess water. In fact, it is recommended to have a backup sump pump in case the main one fails.

Flooded Basement Cleanup Companies in Indianapolis IN

What to Do When Your Basement Floods

If heavy rains are the cause of the flood, then wait until the storm passes. If the flood is due to any other reason, then it’s best to deal with it immediately. Remember, safety first! Before doing anything, be sure to shut off gas and electricity to the immediate area. It’s also a good idea to wear boots, gloves, a protective face mask, and hip or chest waders if you have them. Do your best to move carefully around the flooded area to avoid slipping on the wet floor.

  • Try to determine the source of the water. If it’s a burst pipe, turn off the water to the basement from the main pipe. In addition, if you have a floor drain, check that it’s not clogged. You want as much water to go down the drain as possible.
  • For larger amounts of water, a sump pump, pool pump, or wet/dry vacuum works best. You can use a mop and bucket to soak up the rest of the water once most of it is gone.
  • Remove damaged items and place them in a well-ventilated area. If possible, place these items in the sun and allow them to dry. If they’re not dry within 48 hours, it’s best to throw them away to avoid mold or mildew growth.
  • Remove any carpet as soon as possible to allow the floor underneath to dry. Also, remove any waterlogged wood, drywall, or insulation, as it could become a breeding ground for mold.
  • Increase ventilation in the basement by placing fans and opening doors and windows. A dehumidifier is a valuable tool that can help dry out the basement over the course of several days.
Basement Flood Restoration Services in Indianapolis IN

Our Basement Flood Restoration Process

The certified technicians at Five Star have years of experience completing professional basement flood water removal in the Indianapolis area. With our thorough water removal process, we can typically have your home dried and ready for repairs within three to five business days.

  • Arrive at your home and assess the situation.
  • Begin the water extraction process with our van-powered extraction hoses.
  • Remove any materials that need to be dried or are too damaged to save.
  • Demo any areas like walls, ceilings, and floors to completely dry out the area.
  • Write a free estimate of necessary repairs that can be completed by Five Star, or you can call another repair person of your choice.
Water Damage Basement Services in Indianapolis IN

Flood Insurance Coverage

Did you know that flood damage may not be covered without additional home and basement flood repair insurance? Before experiencing this unfortunate event in your own home, check with your insurance provider to see if you need to add this option before it’s too late. Cleaning up and repairing a basement from a minor flood can cost upwards of $10,000. With a more significant event, the cost of basement flood repair could be anywhere between $25,000 and $50,000.

Beyond Basement Flood Restoration

Our water damage restoration solutions include more than basement flooding cleanup and repair. Five Star can handle any type of flooding in your home caused by washing machines, water heaters, dishwashers, toilets, and leaky pipes. We can also provide everything you need for the complete restoration and rebuilding of your home, including:

Serving Indianapolis since 2002

Whether you have a flooded basement or a busted kitchen pipe, the team at Five Star is here to help. We provide several restoration services along with basement flood cleanups such as fire and smoke restoration, commercial mold remediation, and electrostatic disinfection. Request an estimate when you call us at (888) 322-1291. We proudly serve Indianapolis and all nearby areas including Lawrence, Fishers, Brownsburg, Greenwood, Anderson, and beyond.

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