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Electrostatic Disinfection

When your home or commercial space has been overrun by damp or smoky odors, it could benefit from the electrostatic cleaning services of Five Star Complete Restoration. Request an estimate today by calling us at (888) 322-1291.

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Electrostatic Disinfection Services in Indianapolis IN

How Does Electrostatic Disinfection Work?

In the past, various industries have used what we now regard as old-fashioned spray methods to paint machines and apply pesticides to crops. The persistent problem with these outdated methods was the poor results achieved in regard to what is called spray transfer. In manufacturing, much of the paint ended up somewhere other than the surface it was intended to cover. In farming, much of the pesticide was similarly lost.

As you can imagine, poor spray transfer was of particular concern when employees of attempted to sanitize hospitals, healthcare facilities, schools, research and development labs, clean rooms, or any environment where sanitization was essential. If the disinfecting spray couldn’t reach bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms in difficult-to-get to places, it wouldn’t eliminate germs, and true sanitization would not occur.

Somewhat comparable problems arise when an individual attempts to sanitize an area via other traditional methods. Dry and wet dusting does little more than spread dirt around unless the rags are washed frequently. Dry dusting simply throws particles into the air that end up on different surfaces, and wet dusting has trouble reaching specific areas and may apply harmful chemicals as well.

Electrostatic Sanitizing Services in Indianapolis IN

Electrostatic Sanitizing: A Problem-Solving Innovation

Disinfectant applied by an electrostatic sanitizing sprayer is atomized and receives a positive electrical charge. There are two advantages to this process:

  • First, the electrical charge is attracted to the targeted surface (which is electrically neutral) and attaches to it ensuring the electrostatic cleaning chemicals aren’t wasted.
  • Second, the electrostatic disinfection chemicals repel each other because they have the same electrical charge. (If you’ve ever pushed the positive poles of two magnets together, or the negative poles, for that matter, you’ve experienced a form of this repulsion.) This causes the droplets to spread out and cover an entire targeted area, creating a wraparound effect that forces them into hard-to-reach spaces. Thus, electrostatic disinfection treatment is able to sanitize an entire area, including the hard-to-reach spots.
Electrostatic Cleaning Services in Indianapois IN

Buildings That May Need Electrostatic Cleaning Services

As noted above, hospitals, other healthcare facilities, schools, research and development facilities, and clean rooms are environments that particularly ignore the benefits of electrostatic disinfection at their peril. At the same time, any residential housing spaces are likely to find it useful, particularly when you and your family are seeking assurance that they’ve eliminated the possibility of contamination by COVID-19 (also known as coronavirus).

Floors, walls, keyboards, phones, and desktops benefit greatly from electrostatic sanitization. Any hard-to-reach places or delicate pieces of equipment will too, particularly if they are used daily.

Benefits of Electrostatic Cleaning

The benefits of electrostatic disinfection include:

  • Improved infection control: Electrostatic sanitizing fights the spread of viruses including HIV, MRSA, & influenza.
  • No overuse of electrostatic cleaning chemicals: Because of the controlled way an electrostatic disinfection sprayer works, we won’t use more than what is needed.
  • Faster sanitization: It takes 50% less time to sanitize those hard-to-reach areas with our electrostatic cleaning services.
  • Elimination of financial burdens: You won’t have to bear the costs associated with contagious illness infections.

One Caveat about Electrostatic Disinfection

Despite its effectiveness, you can’t have technicians with backpacks and similar equipment wandering around a building 24/7 squirting electrostatic disinfection chemicals. To maintain a clean environment, electrostatic sanitization should be performed periodically in addition to traditional cleaning. Manual cleaning with sprays and wipes still plays a vital role in sanitation. You’ll want to continue more traditional cleaning methods anyway since electrostatic disinfection doesn’t remove physical dirt and grime.

Contact Our Electrostatic Cleaning Experts

If your Indianapolis area home or business is in need of electrostatic cleaning or any of our comprehensive suite of services, such as commercial water damage restoration, commercial fire and smoke restoration, commercial mold remediation, or thermal fogging, our courteous, expert professionals are here to help. We also provide residential basement flood cleanup, structural drying, and pipe burst cleanup. Request an estimate by calling us at (888) 322-1291. We gladly serve Indianapolis, Noblesville, and Carmel, we serve Westfield, Ft. Wayne, Kokomo, Anderson, Fishers, Brownsburg, and all nearby communities.

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