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Clean Up & Sanitization Services in Indianapolis IN

Cleaning & Sanitizing Services

For thorough cleaning and disinfection of your home or commercial property, call the professionals at Five Star Complete Restoration. We serve the Indianapolis area with our full line of specialty restoration solutions. Request an estimate today by calling (888) 322-1291.

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Disinfection Services in Indianapolis IN

Benefits of Our Disinfection Service

There are many benefits of having your home, office, research lab, or workplace consistently scrubbed and sanitized.

  • A clean and orderly environment makes a positive impression on customers and clients and contributes to the overall image of the business. On the contrary, dirt, dust, and disorder create an unprofessional representation of your business.
  • A disinfected and sanitized workplace promotes employee morale and contributes to employee health, which results in happy, healthy, and productive staff members.

Employees are too busy carrying out their regular job responsibilities to take the necessary time to sanitize, disinfect, and clean their workspace. For this reason, many Indianapolis businesses turn to commercial cleaning and disinfection services. When looking for office or home sanitization, mold remediation, commercial water damage restoration, or residential fire and smoke restoration, you can trust the experts at Five Star Complete Restoration.

Professional Commercial Cleaning & Office Disinfection Services in Indianapolis IN

Our Professional Cleaning & Disinfection Services

Modern cleaning and restoration companies provide comprehensive cleaning services employing state-of-the-art methods and technology. At Five Star, we provide two office disinfection services that clean, sanitize, and disinfect your home and office buildings from top to bottom.

  • Thermal Fogging: This method of disinfection sprays a deodorizer mist inside the building that needs to be sanitized. The water-based mist comes in contact with odor-causing smoke particles or germs and sanitizes every surface in the building including hard-to-reach areas like small cracks, walls, carpets, and ductwork.
  • Electrostatic Disinfection: This method eliminates pungent odors by using electrical charges that attach themselves to the targeted surface. All surfaces, including inaccessible areas, are sanitized and cleaned via this cleaning service.
Quality Cleaning & Disinfecting Services for Commercial Buildings in Indianapolis IN

Qualities of Reputable Cleaning Companies

High-quality residential and commercial cleaning services customize the disinfection plan for each client. Different spaces have a wide range of cleaning and sanitizing needs, and a one-size-fits-all approach won’t produce the best results.

  • Effective sanitization cleaning companies also supervise their cleaning teams and monitor their work to ensure the customer’s expectations and requirements are being met.
  • Modern industrial cleaning services produce a clean building as well as a workspace that is virtually free of bacteria and common viruses.
  • Because Five Star offers two disinfection services, we can tailor your specific office sanitization procedure to the particular needs of your Indianapolis space.

Quality & Expertise Since 2002

Request an estimate today for our cleaning solutions by calling (888) 322-1291. We serve customers in Indianapolis, Noblesville, & Carmel, Greenwood, Plainfield, Anderson, Fishers, Brownsburg, & beyond. We also provide multiple restoration services such as basement flood cleanup and restoration , structural drying and cleanup, sewage cleanup, storm damage restoration, & emergency services.

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