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Commercial Water Damage Repairs in Indianapolis IN

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Five Star Complete Restoration serves businesses throughout Indianapolis with our commercial water damage repair and restoration services. Since 2002, we’ve been helping frustrated business owners restore their commercial properties to their like-new condition in the event of a damaging flood or mainline water break. Request an estimate today by calling us at (888) 322-1291.

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Commercial properties can suffer water damage due to many different causes, such as weather-related factors like flooding, frozen pipes, high winds, and storms. There are also property malfunctions like leaky roofs and window wells, overflowing toilets, failing sump pumps, and breaks in refrigerator lines. Unfortunately, there’s little, if anything, a property manager can do to foresee or prevent many of these events from occurring.

Effective commercial water damage repair and cleanup must address many different types of potential water damage. Documents and books can be stained or ruined. Wooden furniture can swell or fall apart, and metal furniture can tarnish. Mold and bacteria can grow in the dampness, producing unpleasant smells and possibly making people sick. Doors, windows, frames, and walls can warp or break, and there may even be major structural damage. Because water soaks into permeable surfaces, an untrained person may not be aware of the extensive problems flooding can cause. Only an inspection by a qualified professional can determine what type of commercial water damage restoration is needed.

Commercial Water Mitigation Services in Indianapolis IN

Our Commercial Water Mitigation Services in Indianapolis

Depending on the job, a commercial water remediation company may need to perform a variety of services such as water extraction, sewage cleanup, mold remediation, and storm damage restoration, as well as:

  • Structural Drying & Cleanup
  • Clean Up & Pack Out Services
Commercial Structural Drying & Cleanup Services in Indianapolis IN

Structural Drying & Cleanup

Quick, effective structural drying is crucial to virtually every restoration process. First, we address the source of the invasive water to prevent any more water damage. Next, we set up specialized equipment that forces dry air into the affected area and apply high-tech dehumidification techniques that remove moisture from the air. Last, we clean and sanitize the area to restore functionality and remove all odors.

Commercial Clean Up and Pack Out Services in Indianapolis IN

Clean Up & Pack Out

With our clean up and pack out service, we remove and barcode all salvageable items and transport them to a special temperature- and humidity-controlled facility. Our commercial flood remediation experts use a variety of cutting-edge techniques to restore vulnerable items like papers, books, computers, hard drives, and optical storage media to their original conditions. Once restored, all items are placed in storage until the building itself has been returned to its original condition.

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Five Star provides commercial water damage services in Carmel, Westfield, Avon, Kokomo, Lawrence, Brownsburg, and all Indianapolis areas. Take advantage of our other business restoration services including fire and smoke restoration, thermal fogging, electrostatic disinfection, and emergency services. Contact our office today to request an estimate by calling (888) 322-1291.

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