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Commercial Clean Up & Pack Out

In the event of fire, water, or mold damage, the contents of your commercial building may need to be securely stored at an off-site facility. Call Five Star Complete Restoration at (888) 322-1291 to request an estimate today. We serve Indianapolis and beyond with our thorough commercial content pack out, storage, and cleaning service.

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When fire, smoke, or water damage occurs in your commercial building, its contents may also be harmed or vulnerable to injury if left in a smoke-filled or damp location. While our restoration team works on restoring your property, the contents of your building need to be removed and stored in a secure climate-controlled facility for cleaning and repair. Five Star works with a reputable clean up and pack out company that has experience and knowledge on how to return your items back to their like-new condition.

Commercial Pack Out Services in Indianapolis IN

Our Commercial Pack Out Services

With our comprehensive commercial content pack out, storage, & cleaning, your business property is in the best of hands. We understand there may be items, for confidentiality reasons, that cannot be packed up by a third party. In cases like these, we can securely store as much or as little of your business belongings as you’d like by following the steps below.

Pack & Document:

With our commercial pack out storage services, we securely package the building’s contents along with documenting their current condition and recording their original locations. We provide you with a detailed inventory to help facilitate the insurance claim process. Industry-standard packing materials are used to ensure there is no further damage and that they are safely stored in our climate-controlled restoration facility.

Clean & Restore:

Our experts begin restoring the items to their original condition by employing state-of-the-art methods and technology. By applying methods such as specialized drying chambers, immersion cleaning, ozone treatment, ultrasonic cleaning, and deodorization, we are able to restore many items that would not otherwise be considered salvageable.

Return & Unpack:

Once your commercial building is restored, we return and unpack the items with the same attention to detail we used when initially packing them for storage. We double-check that all items on the original detailed inventory are returned to their original locations.

Commercial Cleanup & Packout Services in Indianapolis IN

Advantages of Our Commercial Pack Out Services

  • Nationally trained crews with extensive background checks.
  • Specialized equipment and trade-specific materials.
  • Knowledge of secure packaging for maximum protection.
  • Storage of contents in separate areas so as to not mix with other customers' belonging.

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Five Star serves Noblesville, Greenwood, Ft. Wayne, Anderson, Muncie, and all nearby Indianapolis communities with our commercial content pack out, storage, and cleaning solutions. Request an estimate today by calling (888) 322-1291. Our team delivers several other commercial restorations including mold remediation, fire and smoke restoration, emergency services, thermal fogging, and electrostatic disinfection.

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