The Importance of a Home Inventory and Documentation of Damaged Items for Insurance Claims

A home inventory is a comprehensive list of detailed descriptions of each item of personal property that you own. This document can help you prove ownership in the case of loss. After a home disaster, documentation of damaged items can also simplify filing a claim for damage to your property.

How to Clean Up A Flooded Basement

Everyone dreads the thought of a flooded basement damaging one’s home and losing valuable possessions along the way. It is an unwanted and yet a common reality for some. Truthfully, a flood emergency can occur at any given time.

What to Do if My Basement Floods in Indianapolis

An Indianapolis basement floods for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the cause is external, like torrential rains. Sometimes it’s internal, like a malfunctioning, overflowing appliance. Sometimes it’s a combination of the two, as when a great deal of water outside enters through a flaw in the foundation, or freezing temperatures burst a pipe.