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What To Know About Spring Rain and Basement Flooding

Spring is nearly here, which means one thing for Indiana homeowners: rain. With the wet weather comes many potential problems, particularly regarding your basement and sump pump. This season and every season, safety needs to be first in mind – after all, you don’t want standing water ruining your space! Here’s what you need to know about spring rains and avoiding basement flooding from Five Star Complete Restoration experts. Don’t worry; we’ll make sure everything goes downstream (literally).

Spring Rain, AKA: Risk Season

Spring storms can be a joy to watch, but for many homeowners, they can also bring unwelcome surprises. All that water has nowhere to go except into sump pump systems and basements, which can lead to extensive water damage. Luckily, with the proper maintenance and a trusted partner like Five Star Complete Restoration in case of an emergency, you can keep your basement dry and safe this spring season. 

How to Avoid Overloading the Sump Pump

Your sump pump is the cornerstone of keeping your home dry when there’s extra rainfall. However, it’s important to remember that a sump pump can quickly become overwhelmed if overloaded with water. If you want to ensure your basement stays safe and dry, the key is prevention. So, check your gutters for debris and make sure they are up to the task of draining away water from your home, ensure your downspouts are freely draining away from the foundation of your home, and have an expert take a look at your sump pump, so you know it’s ready for whatever Mother Nature throws its way this season. 

Does Your Basement Need A Checkup?

With the sump pump as the last line of defense between you and a wet basement, ensuring your system can keep up with the runoff is essential. Getting ahead of potential issues before they cause problems is the best way to ensure your home remains dry throughout spring and beyond. Performing an annual check-up on your basement flood prevention system is integral in safeguarding your space from floods. By inspecting components like those in the sump pump array, ensuring backup batteries are in good condition, and replacing parts as needed, you can be confident that Five Star Complete Restoration won’t be making any emergency visits due to flooding this season.

Five Star Complete Restoration for Professional Basement Flood Assistance

All in all, the rainy season can be a disaster if you don’t plan. Prolonged storms, overloaded sump pumps, and basement flooding can become expensive if your home lacks the proper protection system. Taking simple steps now, like walking around your basement to find weaknesses and doing routine check-ups, can go a long way toward protecting your home from flood damage. And when your best efforts fail, Five Star Complete Restoration provides professional basement flood assistance. Call (888) 322-1291 for an estimate. Don’t leave it to chance this spring! Make sure your family has some peace of mind that the threat of a vast, watery mess is far away this season.

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