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Tips for Finding Water Damage in Your Home

Water damage is something no homeowner wants to deal with because it can cause major damage to the internal structure of the home, damage exterior components of your home, and can even make you and your family sick! Add to that the fact that water damage can be difficult and expensive to cleanup, it is not something a homeowner wants to discover. It is also not something to mess around with either. However, it is much more common than many people realize and can hope in many surprising ways. Mild or severe water damage could be caused by heavy storms, flooding, or even just a plumbing leak in your home. When your home does suffer from water damage, it is imperative that you take action as soon as possible to clean up the damage before it spreads and before even more problems such as mold and mildew set in.  But how can you tell if your home has suffered water damage? These are some of the most common signs homeowners notice when they start finding water damage in their homes and know that it’s time to call 5 Star Complete Restoration of Indianapolis:

Water Stains, Bubbling, and Cracking

Water damage will almost always affect the material that is becoming water logged as it starts to decay and rot and warp.  Paint will crack and bubble from the excess moisture and changes in the underlying materials. Stains will also begin to appear as the material gets saturated and rots away. Look for water stains on your walls, floors, and ceilings. Bubbling and cracking will also occur along the path of the water as it spreads and soaks into larger and larger areas. If the water stains show up on your ceiling chances are there is water damage in your roof and attic as well. Water stains on the exterior of your walls or along baseboard and edging can indicate a leak inside your walls. Floor water stains usually occur from under floor pipes or leak down from the ceiling area. If you see any stains, bubbles, or cracks and are worried about possible water damage in your home, call 5 Star Complete Restoration and let our experts help with finding water damage and getting it taken care of for you!

Crumbling Floors of Walls

Many of the materials used in the construction of modern homes are not very water resistant. Materials like drywall, wood, or plaster will readily absorb water, and when this occurs over a longer period of time the materials can begin to swell and expand as the material soaks in more and more water. This will cause a buckling that you can see in the walls, or that you may be able to feel when walking on your floors. Joints and connection points in the walls and floors and support beams can become loose or dislodged as the materials swell ad push or pull away from each other. This can cause serious weakening of the structures of your home. Any sign of warping and buckling as well as any cracks that form along your foundation or existing cracks that get larger, are serious and must be dealt with. The experts here at 5 Star Complete Restoration can help locate your water damage areas and will help you with the process of finding water damage removing damaged material and protecting the integrity of your home.

Do Not Ignore Your Nose and Ears

Water damage might not always be visually apparent, but even when it cannot be easily seen, it can still be present and causing problems in your Indianapolis home. If you can’t see any water damage, you may still be able to able to smell it. The most common sign of water damage that doesn’t take visual cues to detect is a strong musty, damp, or foul smell. This can be worse after it rains or in certain areas of your home like the kitchen or the bathroom.  You may also be able to hear a water leak in your home. Sometimes you can hear dripping sounds from inside your walls or under appliances such as the sink or dishwasher. You may also notice the sound of running water or the sound that your water pump or well keep cycling on even if you are not using water. These can also indicate water leaks inside your home. If you find any signs of water damage call the experts more people in Ft. Wayne Indianapolis trust for their water damage needs- 5 Star Complete Restoration!

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