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Spring and Mold Remediation in Indiana

Welcome to spring in Indiana! Whether a homeowner or a business owner, this season is about fresh starts and new beginnings. Along with warmer temperatures and blooming flowers comes the anticipation of days spent outdoors, enjoying longer daylight hours. But, there’s a flip side to these extended hours of sunshine. High humidity levels can lead to unchecked mold growth, creating an uncomfortable indoor environment. As Hoosiers, we know it’s essential to be proactive when caring for our homes and businesses. Start the season by learning some critical tips for mold remediation in Indiana from your friends at Five Star Complete Restoration.

What Mold Is Normal and What Needs Addressing

Mold is a regular occurrence in many homes and can often be quickly taken care of with simple cleaning. However, if the mold is nasty, such as black, easily-visible spots on walls, ceilings, or floors, you have a more significant issue. Simply cleaning the mold isn’t enough if your home has an elevated moisture level due to plumbing or roofing problems. You have to fix the moisture source so mold doesn’t return. Taking any mold in your home seriously is important, but it pays to address the source before addressing the symptoms.

Common Areas and Causes for Mold

Mold is an unwelcome guest that can cause residential or commercial property damage and detrimentally affect our health. It is important to understand where mold most commonly occurs in a home and what causes it. Humidity is one of the key contributors to mold growth, so sump pump failures and any water-collecting area, such as basements or even poorly-ventilated bathrooms, are likely candidates for it. Other sources of water that may engender mold include problems such as leaking roofs, burst pipes, and overflowing plumbing fixtures. 

Mold Mitigation

Spring is an ideal time to schedule a mold inspection. By investigating potential sources of mold in your home or business, you can protect yourself and your family. Next, mold testing can be essential to understanding the air quality of your home or business. Inspectors will take samples from the air, walls, and surface areas to test for the presence of mold. The air samples are then delivered to a third-party laboratory for testing. Although many individuals try DIY mold kits, working with a trained professional when conducting mold testing is highly recommended to get accurate results.

How To Avoid Mold

Avoiding mold growth in your home can be tricky, but it’s worth the effort. Taking steps like reducing humidity, repairing leaks, and inspecting for dampness regularly may seem time-consuming. But, if you take preventative measures, you can ensure your home is safe from unwelcome invaders. Keep as much air moving as possible to keep mold out. Additionally, increase ventilation around areas susceptible to mold growth, like bathrooms and kitchens. Finally, consider investing in a dehumidifier if you live in a humid area or have had persistent problems with excess dampness. 

Mold can be a major issue in any home if improperly managed. If you think you may have a problem with unhealthy mold levels in your Indianapolis home, consider contacting the professionals at Five Star Complete Restoration at (888) 322-1291 today.

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