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How to Clean Up A Flooded Basement

Everyone dreads the thought of a flooded basement damaging one’s home and losing valuable possessions along the way. It is an unwanted and yet a common reality for some. Truthfully, a flood emergency can occur at any given time. However, it doesn’t mean that one cannot be prepared for it. Five Star Complete Restoration promises just that. Located in Noblesville, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, and Northern Indianapolis/Carmel , Five Star Complete Restoration shares their dedicated team of experts and specialists to assist in a wide range of services from water and sewer damage to smoke and fire damage, along with additional construction and remodeling work. The team has done an excellent job in complying the essential measures needed towards the procedures of Indiana flood restoration.

Unfortunately, a flooded basement in Indiana is a reoccurring theme for the state. Currently, 24% of its land covered in water by wetlands due to heavy rains and rapid snow melts. The aftermath of IN flooding may sound like a messy task to handle. However, the damage done to your basement doesn’t have to be. The team at Five Star Complete Restoration shares ideas that may rescue you from facing the difficult ordeal alone. Plus, it allows you to develop an immediate response to flood mitigation in Indiana.

Step One – Remove The Flooded Water

It is necessary to take care of the flooded problem quickly and safely. Flooded basements in IN can lead to many hazards. This can include things like gas leaks, electrical shocks, mold and bacterial growth, sewage and other structural problems. That is why the cleaning process must be done proactively. This is done by removing the flood water. This is dependent on how the flooded basement happened initially. If it was not naturally caused and was instigated by an active leak, stopping such a leak becomes a priority. Visible pipes, toilets, water heaters or even outdoor plumbing should be checked. In some cases, it may be easier to just shut off the house’s main water supply unit.

Of course, excessive natural flooding or flooding resulting from an outside water source like heavy snowfall or rain, requires fixing from cleaning and restoration professionals. This allows for the determination of the right time to remove the water. If this is not done carefully, a pressure imbalance can occur. That could result in cracked basement walls or structural issues. If any cracks become visible during the water removal phase, the process needs to stop immediately.

Even Small Floods Are Still a Problem

For relatively small amounts of water, it can be simply removed and pumped out with wet-dry vacuums or other similar pumps. It should operate like a regular vacuum where water collects in a tank. Homeowners need to be careful when trying to remove water on their own. Pumps that use fuel can release fumes into the air, which could make people sick. For larger amounts of water, a submersible pump, or also known as a sump pump, is the best option. An extension cord works best for these types of pumps to keep the main electrical component dry and away from the water. More than one pump can be used simultaneously during this process. However, this can only happen if they have a safe connection to a power outlet or generator.

If the water is shallow, it should be easier to walk about freely with the pump. However, if the water is deep, it would be best to tie the pump securely with a rope and navigate accordingly. The water should be pumped in intervals at a time. For example, try pumping about one-third of the water out first, mark the water level and return to it the next day. If the water hasn’t risen, then you can proceed with pumping one-third portion out and so on. Homeowners should continue marking the level at each interval each day. This helps monitor water levels or if flooding persists.

STEP TWO – The Clean Up

With the water now removed, the race begins to prevent bacteria and mildew build up. So, this is when the cleaning and the sanitizing procedure starts. Before retrieving any valuables, the process of removing any dirt or mud on your basement floors should begin. Also, remove any wet debris washed in by the flood as well. At this point, it would be easier to remove the dirt in this wet state before it dries and hardens. Bear in mind that sewage could have seeped into the flooded waters as well, so take precautionary measures when removing dirt and debris. This is the main reason for calling in professionals, as they know how to mitigate these dangers best.

Flooded Basement Clean Up Indy

Due to the health risks involved, items in a deplorable state should be thrown out since proper sanitation is not possible. Such items include:

  • Insulation materials
  • Excessively soaked ceiling and walls
  • Sewage filled carpets and floor coverings
  • Canned food contaminated with flooded water
  • Dirty furniture coverings
  • Stuffed toys, mattresses and pillows.

The opposite is true for some items that had minimal to no contact with flood water, dirt, or sewage. Those items are often fine if cleaned and kept dry. Such items include clothing, some pieces of furniture, and flooring, or carpeting. Furthermore, these items will have to undergo extensive disinfecting, deodorizing, and cleaning to be safe. Deep cleaning will be necessary to salvage any items exposed to the flood.

STEP THREE – Keeping the Area Dry

Another ideal way to hinder fungal growth after removing the flooded basement water from your basement is to keep the area dry. Drying out the affected area with fans and dehumidifiers are useful when they are conveniently available. However, just opening all airways, doors and windows to let in as much air as possible can be effective as well. These simple drying techniques are just one of the many approaches that can provide an effective flood restoration process.

Five Star Complete Restoration exercises a strong compliance towards flood restoration in Indiana as they provide high quality restoration methods that exceed customer expectations. Plus, they adhere to the highest standards used to perform excellent clientele service. Don’t give natural disasters or a leaking faucet the upper hand. Take full control of the situation and help save your home. Whether you’re in Noblesville, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, or Northern Indianapolis/Carmel, let Five Star Complete Restoration ease your mind from common disaster. They create a stronger threshold for Indiana flood mitigation and better households.

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