Indiana Emergency Restoration Company

Fire Damage Rebuilding Process

After firefighters have come and gone, you will find fire, smoke, and water damage. Our FIVE STAR COMPLETE RESTORATION Franchise Professionals specialize in the fire restoration needed to repair your house. While each situation is unique, our professionals are ready to meet your needs. Below are a few examples of what our process looks like when restoring your home. The first step is making the call.

Emergency Contact and Inspection

Our work starts when you call the FIVE STAR COMPLETE RESTORATION Customer Care Center. We staff this call center 24 hours a day. A consultant will ask you a series of questions, this will help us understand the type of fire damage. We will then send out the closest FIVE STAR COMPLETE RESTORATION Franchise Professional with the proper equipment to use for your unique situation. Once we have completely examined and tested all the rooms on your property, the planning can begin.  All it takes is one call and you are ready to go. The next step is getting to work.

Fire Damage Rebuilding

Boarding, Tarp, and Water Removal

The next steps are boarding up any missing windows or holes in the walls. Our Professionals will place tarps over any damage done to the roof. This will help maintain your safety while defending against any further damage. While water damage is not always present, we have the tools to assist you if water damage is widespread. We use air movers plus heavy-duty dehumidifiers to remove any water that may leave any water damage to your property, even in the smallest of spaces. The second to last step is getting clean.

Cleaning and Smoke Removal

With fire consequently comes extensive soot and smoke damage to the various surfaces in your home. Our FIVE STAR COMPLETE RESTORATION Franchise Professionals work to remove this damage with special equipment and skills. Having removed all smoke and soot Our Professionals will clean all items in your home damaged by the fire. With a range of cleaning methods to help restore your belongings to pre-fire conditions. Our FIVE STAR COMPLETE RESTORATION Franchise Professionals are trained to rid your home of any odors using fogging equipment along with industrial air scrubbers. The final step is getting to the restoration.

Final Restoration

The last step is fully restoring your house. This could involve minor repairs such as replacing drywall, painting and installing new carpet. For more severe damage repairs could be rebuilding various areas or rooms in your home. Whatever your situation may be Our Professionals will work hard to fix your home or business.

Putting these steps in action we will help get your life back on track. Through our hard work and special training, we will bring your home and business back to its former condition. In some instances, our restorations are even better than the condition you started with. We understand what goes into making sure your home or business is ready to use one more. Even the smallest details will be ready when you turn to FIVE STAR COMPLETE RESTORATION. We are standing by and ready to help you. All you have to do is call.

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