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Fire Damage Emergency Tips

When dealing with fire damage, it is important to know what steps to take in order to prevent further destruction. We will share with you what to do while you wait for help and what to do after a fire. We will also share what not to do after a fire to prevent any further damage. These tips can help you manage the destruction from fire damage more easily.

What To Do While Waiting For Help

When coming face to face with fire damage you should check for a few things. Check to see if it’s safe to stay inside the house. If not, you should go outside and wait for emergency personnel to arrive. Be cautious about any electrical issues that could potentially harm you. Wet materials may be very heavy so be careful not to handle them by yourself. Above all approach fire damage with caution and only do activities that are safe for you to perform.

What You Should Do After A Fire

After a fire its important to keep movement around the house to a minimum. This will help prevent soot particles from settling inside of carpet and furniture. Keep your hands clean to avoid staining any more of the furniture, wood or walls. Place clean towels or blankets on carpeted areas, any rugs and the furniture. Make sure your electricity is off and then clean out your freezer and refrigerator. Once it’s clean make sure to prop open the doors. If you have any chrome in the house makes sure to clean and protect it with petroleum jelly or oil. Don’t forget to clean all houseplants getting the top and bottom of the leaves. Make sure you change your HVAC filter and tape a double layer of cheesecloth over any air registers.

Fire Damage Tips

What You Should Never Do After A Fire

Do not attempt to clean any walls or paint surfaces yourself. Similarly, you should avoid cleaning the carpets or furniture without first contacting your FIVE STAR COMPLETE RESTORATION franchise professional. Any electrical appliances that were near the fire, heat or water should be left alone. Wait for a professional repair service to come take a look at any damaged appliances. Do not turn on any ceiling fixtures as there could be wiring damage again wait to speak to a professional repair service. Any canned or packaged food and beverages should be thrown out if they were near the fire, heat or water.

These tips are important to prevent any further damage to your home or to yourself. Always speak to a professional before fixing any electrical equipment. Finally, remember to be cautious while walking around your home.

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