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Beware of Water Damage in the Fall

Autumn Brings Increased Risk of Water Damage

Fall is a busy time for a water damage restoration company (like Five Star Complete Restoration) operating in the Indianapolis, Noblesville, and Carmel areas. That’s largely because temperatures are starting to drop. That in turn brings the risk that pipes will freeze and break. Water seepage can crack foundations and rot materials, and when fallen leaves clog rain gutters, the water can spill out and pool around the house.

The consequences can be fast and dramatic Hundreds of gallons of water can spill out of a leaked pipe. When that happens, it’s obvious immediate water mitigation is required. But even a small leak can have serious consequences. Over time, the moisture will foster the growth and spread of mold. The mold can damage your property, mar its looks, and potentially even compromise your health by giving you allergic reactions, sinus congestion, or respiratory distress. So homeowners should bring water damage repair to bear to fix those seemingly trivial water intrusions as well.

Fall water damage in Indianapolis, Noblesville, and Carmel What Does Effective Water Damage Restoration Look Like?

Competent, knowledgeable water mitigation professionals know how to remove moisture from all the various surfaces in the home (thus preventing the growth and spread of mold) and how to return a water-damaged home to its original condition.

Water Damage Repair Step by Step

First, technicians find the leak and repair damaged pipes and connections. This keeps any more water from going where it doesn’t belong.

Once that’s done, it’s possible to make a water mitigation plan. Technicians dry wet surfaces to avert further damage. Portable dehumidifiers and circulating fans aid in this process. Other powerful machines can often pull moisture from drywall, baseboards, and carpet.

Technicians can get rid surface-growth mold with equipment that sucks it away. They then use chemicals to kill any remaining spores that might otherwise give rise to new growth. (Sometimes, however, the mold growth is so serious and extensive that it’s cheaper simply to replace contaminated materials)

Other Autumn Restoration Problems

While water damage often befalls homes and businesses in the Indianapolis, Noblesville, and Carmel areas in the fall, it’s not the only problem Five Star Complete Restoration sees. Sometimes people have not properly maintained their furnaces. When they turn them on for the first time since the previous winter, fires can result. Fires also happen when fireplaces and electric space heaters malfunction or someone uses them improperly. Even the drier air that comes with cooler weather can produce static electricity that in turn can start a fire. In light of all this, it’s a good idea to be careful and also to check carbon monoxide detectors to see if heating systems are working as they should.

Additionally, the high winds September brings can produce damage to a home via falling branches, blow debris, etc.

If you need water damage repair or any other sort of restoration service, or if you want professional cleaning services to spruce up your home or business prior to the holidays, we invite you to contact Five Star Complete Restoration today.

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