Below you will find a handful of testimonials from previous customers of ours. Let us add yours to our ever-growing list of satisfied customers of Five Star Complete Restoration!

Five Star was great at explaining everything to me, working around my work schedule and did well with my dog too! Being nice to my dog is just as important to me as how I am treated.

Five Star came into my home after I had a sewage pipe bust and leak into our furnished basement. The water techs came in and removed areas of the ceiling that were damaged along with drywall and the carpet. They did a good job in a timely manner. The repairs guys came in a few days after and got started. My wife and I were both happy with what all was done. I was happy that they took care of speaking with the insurance for us. Our basement looked great and I was very happy to use Five Star. I would use them again if something like this ever happens.

Robert V. via Google, Water Mitigation & Repairs

I had an overall great experience with Five Star Restoration. Everyone I worked with was completely professional and explained everything that was happening. When my water heater bit the dust in my finished basement, and water had set in under the bathroom tile, I was sure the floor would need to be ripped out, but I was wrong. Five Star had a system where they could draw up the moisture through the grout in between the tiles and save me from a big headache! The carpet restoration succeeded in removing the rust stains that had set in from the rusted water that drained from the old water heater. The biggest deal to me was that they removed a huge dark vomit stain left in the carpet my son had made after eating Cocoa Puffs cereal. I THOUGHT THAT WOULD NEVER COME OUT AND THAT I’D HAVE TO JUST REPLACE THE CARPETING. They completely removed the stain. No evidence is left that it ever existed. Thank you, Five Star Restoration! So pleased to learn that my home doesn’t need to experience a catastrophe in order to use your company’s services again.

Katie F. via Google, Water Mitigation & Repairs

Great Service, great price and the service men who cleaned were able to get more out of my carpet then the past cleaners. They walked me through the process, put furniture on blocks that were not able to be moved out of the room easily so that they could clean the whole carpet.

Easy to setup a service, came on-time as scheduled. Looking forward to their help in any future needs.

Danny L. via Google, Carpet Cleaning

I had a great experience with five star restoration. They came to our house promptly to help us with our issue the same day I called! Colin the manager was great, very understanding and compassionate about our issue, and was very easy to talk too. I also really liked Miguel, another manager. He was so very patient as I had a lot of questions about what was going on at our house. He was very professional in his interactions and explained all the work that was being done on our house.They really did a great job, everything was so much better after the work was completed. I am so very thankful that this is the company that I chose to help us with our issue. I also liked the ladies in the office, they were very nice, friendly, easy to talk to, and helpful! I will be calling Five Star Complete Restoration in the future with any needs. I highly recommend this company!

Amy H. via Google, Water Mitigation & Repairs

Five Star Cleaning did not only meet, but exceeded my standard for cleaning my carpet. They showed up on time. It dried quickly with only a box fan. My stair case also looked better than it did before. I knew some stains would not come out mainly because I have small kids. Most of the stains did and the carpet not only looks nice but feels nice again also. I had moved all of my furniture to get the best results I could. A side note, no company I know of will move the furniture due to liability reasons. This is the second time they have cleaned for me and it won’t be the last.

Derrick F. via Google, Carpet Cleaning

Five Star Complete Restoration was here within an hour of our disaster. They assessed the situation, offered a solution, and had professionals and equipment in and operating quickly! Their knowledge and professionalism is top notch! We would highly recommend Five Star!!

Emily H. via Google, Storm Mitigation & Repairs

Amazing. Don’t use them if you hate clean carpets.

Carrie F., Carpet Cleaning

Five Star were very professional. They told me exactly what their process was and also told me a little bit about my carpet. My carpet was dirty to the point that I was thinking about pulling it up. They restored it almost to it’s original look and it was ready for Thanksgiving company the next day.

Gloria A., Carpet Cleaning

Prompt response to inquiry. Showed up on time. Technician was professional and fixed the problem the first time. The price for the repair was reasonable. Very happy with service and would use them again without hesitation.

Jeffrey M., Water Mitigation & Repairs

Prompt response to inquiry. Showed up on time, ready to work. Pre-move in cleaning service prior to moving into just purchased home. Tough job due to previous homeowners, but the service providers did a excellent job, my wife was very satisfied and did not have to clean anything. Minor miss-communication with the carpet cleaning appointment, but the maid service and carpet cleaning group worked together to solve the scheduling problem. Very happy with the overall experience and will hire again for other projects around my home.

Ben C., Carpet Cleaning

The team cleaned efficiently and professionally. And, I don’t often say this about cleaning services, but they cleaned the house as well, or better than I could do myself and I’m very particular. Response time was very prompt and they were able to provide service within a few days of contact. I will definitely hire them again.

Janice S., Carpet Cleaning

Complete inspection of job and evaluation of sub-flooring and presence of mold. Investigated evidence of past water leak and damage caused that I did realize. Helped with insurance claim and presentation of problem to insurance adjuster to assist with coverage of repairs necessary.

Karen M., Mold Mitigation & Repairs

Five Star Restoration restored my house in Fishers on time and were very reliable. They quickly took care of all my questions about all the damage. I now have all new floors and cabinets and it only took 3 days. They worked with my insurance company and took the hassle out of it for me. I would highly recommend them.

Ryan S., Water Mitigation & Repairs

Thank you for the wonderful work you did on my home. I am so thrilled with the new roof and gutters. Your roofing crew and gutter crew were great. They worked very hard to do a high quality job. Your whole company has been very professional and respectful.

I just wish I had known about your company before I hired a local company to remove the fallen tree from my home. I am confident you would have treated me more fairly than they did. Thank you again!

Kathy W., Storm Mitigation & Repairs