From the beginning of a restoration project, to the end, Five Star will make sure your needs are covered every step of the way. From our caring and compassionate Customer Client Specialists, to our “4-Step Restoration Process”, we make sure our customers and their insurance representatives have everything they need before, during, and after this stressful time.

Quick Claim
Filing for insurance can be a long and drawn out hassle, but sometimes, you need it quick. At Five Star, we can make sure your claim gets handled with the urgency it deserves.

Estimate Request
If you are not in an emergency situation, but would like a quote our services, please fill out the Estimate Request Form and we’ll respond within, at most, one business day.

Quick Response
Emergency situations call for an immediate response. If you need our help, call 317-288-2444 and a customer care specialist will answer your questions and dispatch an emergency response team right away.

Insurance Agent/Adjuster Support
At Five Star Complete Restoration, we provide a number of services to insurance professionals, that ensure their policyholder’s claims will be addressed professionally and expeditiously. We also strive to be a resource to our local insurance representatives, by offering Continuing Education classes and industry updates through regularly scheduled events.

Customer Care Specialists
At Five Star you are never alone. Specially trained Customer Care Specialists will assist you throughout the duration of your restoration project. Whether you have questions, need help with your insurance, or want the most up-to-date status report on your project, a Customer Care Specialist is only a phone call away. To reach a Customer Care Specialist, go to Contact Us or call us at 317-288-2444.

Disaster Resource Information
Emergencies are a fact of life. How you handle an emergency is what matters most. The most important thing to remember during an emergency, is to try and stay calm, think clearly, and act quickly. Always remember, that no matter how painful, property and possessions can always be replaced. The safety of your family is what matters most.

However, if your property and possessions are damaged due to fire, flooding, or storms, decisions on how to handle your loss, mitigate additional losses, and restore your home or business to its pre-loss condition should be given top consideration. It could mean the difference between salvaging your property, or not.

With over a decade of helping our customers recover from a wide range of personal and business property losses, Five Star has compiled some helpful guides, articles, and advice on how to proceed and in some cases, plan for when disaster strikes.